How to Build Castles in the Air

Hilda: My lovely, lovely castle. Our castle in the air! Solness: On a firm foundation. One of the more profound ironies of “going gradeless” is realizing just how fundamental grades are to the architecture of schools. Grades undergird nearly everything we do in education. By threatening late penalties and administering one-shot assessments, we focus our … Continue reading How to Build Castles in the Air

Playgrounds and Personalization w/Mariana Morales Lobo – TG²Cast Episode 7

This episode, I interview Mariana Morales Lobo, who taught high school in Madrid and Barcelona for 15 years, and who now works as a consultant in education, training teachers and helping school leaders implement innovation. She is also a member of Engineers Without Borders and plays an active role in the parents association at her children’s school. One of her main areas of interest is “reinventing playground” spaces, considering the ways these supposedly neutral spaces can be made more equitable. Her writing can be found on the international platform of Práctica Reflexiva.

Grades and the Future of Schools w/ Benjamin Doxtdator – TG²Cast Episode 5

This episode features an interview with Benjamin Doxtdator, a middle school language arts teacher at an international school in Brussels, Belgium. Benjamin is probably best known for his essays on his blog Longview on Education at Topics include: How deemphasizing grades reflects Benjamin's commitments as a teacher The potential pitfalls of a more gradeless … Continue reading Grades and the Future of Schools w/ Benjamin Doxtdator – TG²Cast Episode 5

It’s Time We Hold Accountability Accountable

The maxim “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” (often misattributed to Peter Drucker) sums up the continued belief in the necessity and power of accountability. A lack of accountability is seen as a sure path to lawlessness, indolence, and corruption. We don’t trust people who are unwilling, unprepared, or otherwise unable to … Continue reading It’s Time We Hold Accountability Accountable

Genius Hour Roundtable

Most teachers who go gradeless begin to realize the increased importance of intrinsic motivation. Without the continual spur of testing and grading to drive students onward, we feel the need to foster spaces of student agency and purpose. But how can we help students rekindle a sense of curiosity and wonder, especially when they may … Continue reading Genius Hour Roundtable