How to Value Personal Time While Providing Great Feedback

As an English teacher, teaching writing and supporting developing writers is paramount. I want to see my students write regularly and hone their skills to communicate meaningful ideas. However, every essay means time for me to read, make comments, and this usually means sacrificing hours of personal time. According to The Washington Post, the average … Continue reading How to Value Personal Time While Providing Great Feedback

Providing Feedback to Writers with Patty McGee – TG²Cast Episode 1

This episode features an interview with Patty McGee, author of the book Feedback That Moves Writers Forward.

Stop. Grammartime.

Grammar. The word alone is either off-putting or inviting (you know who you are, grammarians). Perhaps you are imagining visions of worksheets, sentence diagrams, or a writing piece riddled with red ink. Or maybe you are someone who secretly corrects grammar in your mind as others speak. Wherever you fall on the love-hate continuum of … Continue reading Stop. Grammartime.

Gradeless: A Culture of Possibility

Five years ago, I was presented with an opportunity to teach an evening education course at Eastern Washington University. Already wearing too many hats as a high school English teacher, department chair, district literacy leader, multiple-committee member, husband, father, and the list goes on, I didn’t immediately jump at the chance. But after a weekend-long … Continue reading Gradeless: A Culture of Possibility