Going Gradeless and Special Education

Grading and reporting have been hot topics in education in recent years, spawning a move to grading practices that are grounded in standards, competencies, or proficiency, depending on the language of the state. The idea has been if we ensure that our grades are based on clear standards, then the meaning of the grade is … Continue reading Going Gradeless and Special Education

The Limits of Community and the Future of Going Gradeless

This is the second in a series of posts exploring teaching and learning in the de-graded and de-tested language arts classroom. Read the first post here.  Teaching can be a lonely profession. Even though I come into contact with 120 people every day, most of the interactions are asynchronous. The relationships I have with my … Continue reading The Limits of Community and the Future of Going Gradeless

The Importance of PLNs

Change. Growth. Learning. Three short but complicated words. These intangibles are important to instill in students, and yet, in the day-to-day reality of work, teachers often neglect a need for continual professional growth. And as the years go by, it gets easier to become stubborn and set in one's ways. Change is hard. As teachers push … Continue reading The Importance of PLNs

The Problem With “Measure”

One of the biggest blessings in my life is my marriage. I love my wife. When I dislocated my knee (twice!), I experienced pain. I react with anger when confronted with injustice. Joy warms my entire being when my daughter slips her hand into mine as we walk. With some thought and effort, I could … Continue reading The Problem With “Measure”