Call for Essays

How do we transform our class into gradeless classes?

During the month of August teachers are prepping and planning the upcoming school year. To help, TG2 is looking for essays addressing the HOW of going gradeless.


How do you explain the gradeless class to students, parents, colleagues, administration, etc?

How do you communicate learning to students and parents?

How do you establish learning outcomes for students?

How do you hack your gradebook?

How are formative and summative assignments treated in a gradeless class?

How does a gradeless class create more equity?

Current deadline is July 28th


Please submit complete manuscripts and not a proposal.

Word count can be anywhere from 800-2,000 words.

Please attach your essay as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document.

If your piece is accepted, it will can go through a lengthy editing process.

Contributors will not be paid. However, TG2 will help promote your website and social media accounts, if applicable.


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