Call for Submissions – Assessment Practices

How we assess says a lot about what we value.

During the month of October, teachers are beginning to collect and assess student work. In a traditional classroom, teachers simply add a grade to the work. In a Gradeless class, we provide feedback to promote growth. To help, TG2 is looking for essays that highlight your ASSESSMENT PRACTICES.


How do you assess student work?
What tools do you use to communicate learning?
How do you engage students in self-assessment?
How do you use peer feedback in the classroom?

The current deadline is September 28th.


Please submit complete manuscripts and not a proposal.
Word count can be anywhere from 800-2,000 words.
Please attach your essay as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document.
If your piece is accepted, it can go through a lengthy editing process.
Contributors will not be paid. However, TG2 will help promote your website and social media accounts, if applicable.

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